bunpeiris Cambridge Literature

Tuition Cambridge IGCSE Literature at Kandana

bunpeiris Cambridge IGCSE Literature

Tuition Cambridge IGCSE Literature at Kandana

Private Tuition in ENGLISH Literature, Language Cambridge IGCSE, OL, Edexcel & National OL Targeting “A” Grade, at Kandana Saturdays and Sundays small groups by an Int’l School Master. Printed tutorials of absolutely high quality content and past papers. Classes are supported with an outstanding library of high quality, hard bound[hbk] study course books, literature course books, classics, language reference, fiction, biography, history etc.
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William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet

William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet
Shakespeare is for all cosmos, for all times: above image is of 2013 Hollywood movie adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet starring Douglas Booth & Hailee Steinfeld; below [Home Page Slide Show] images are of 2013 Bollywood movie adaptation titled Ramleela starring Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

English Language Private Tuition

English Language Private Tuition

[bunpeiris] Unlike the regular private tuition classes that are being conducted for the teaching of English language, ours fulfill the requirement of all 4 skills of language learning, i.e. reading, writing, speaking and listening, in the true approach, those ought to be done. The skill in listening in learners are enhanced by making use of the CDs which enables the learners to pick up the foreign accents in varying tones, moods and pace. 

In the regular classes devoid of such CDs [they come with a price tag, still more, not available in Sri Lanka] the learners are deprived of the vital component of listening. In the regular classes, the learners would be listening to nothing but the local accent of the local teacher, and that too, only if the class is conducted in English medium. That's pathetic. You need to learn English in English medium.
Then again, no matter, your child studies in English medium in an International School in Sri Lanka, with the exception of one school, his listening activities are confined to the local accent of the local teacher: CDs have not been utilized. [The exceptions are British Council and just one International School in Colombo.]

Furthermore, in our classes, the teacher being guided by the expert [the master teacher, teacher trainer, the author of study course books] by means of the
Teachers Book& “Teachers CD”
 the teacher wouldn't be strayed off course from the methodologies and objectives of any of the lessons.
It's a long walk to English; and a swim too. Your goal needs to be set  to achieve a superior command in English language. Rome isn't built in a day.
Our classes are supported with an outstanding library of high quality, hard bound[hbk] [as in the above picture] study course books, literature course books, classics, language reference, fiction, biography, history etc. That is in addition to the following study course books and other grammar books and supplementary readers utilized in the classes. bunpeiris@gmail.com

University of Cambridge EOSL text books in
Beginner, Pre intermediate, Intermediate &
Upper Intermediate levels, then

University of Cambridge FCE
(Cambridge First Certificate) & carry on with
CAE (Cambridge Advanced English)
complete with
Students Study book
Students Work Book
Students CDs

Teacher's Book
Teacher's Resources-CDs



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